Mission Statement

Boobies Portrayed was conceived in October 2005 with a mission to promote the liberty of women through female made art using various forms of media. We offer thought-provoking projects that challenge and inspire the world to empower women.

The artwork is intended to be a catalyst for change in the public view of women. The idea is to portray boobies in a new, fresh, and organic photographic way. All breasts are different, and therefore shall be photographed in various ways; from close ups to farther away, abstract to definitive, etcetera. The project can be interactive, where women can be active participants and get their breasts portrayed during or after the exhibition.

Danna Kinsky: "Breasts of any woman, or 'boobies', are one of the most private parts of the female body. Showing something so intimate, part of their sexuality to strangers, is not something that necessarily came easily to these women. "I see in the consent of each woman a process of releasing social conventions, shame, trauma, as well as an expression of freedom and her ownership of her body and her feminine identity."

According to Kinsky, the significant difference of "Boobies Portrayed" in comparison to other depictions in the media, is the angle of observation of the female body. "Usually, when you see breasts in the media, the goal is one - to create titillation in the viewer, and therefore, the media will rarely show breasts which are not "perfect". My intention is to present an alternative perspective of a woman's body and her breasts; to create a visual stimulus presented by the various aesthetics of the female body and the perfection that exists in every woman. This I perceive will liberate a woman, allow her to be happy and satisfied with her body. This is very different from a sense of being objectified, which is what happens when we are exposed to images intended for sexual stimulation. My goal is that the images that are created in the project will increase self-esteem and strengthen the female identity of each woman, and, of course, give viewers a different perspective on the female body." My project is intended to help women celebrate their individuality, their bodies, their breasts, and their own perfection.

Kinsky tells of women who came to be photographed during the event even though they had great difficulty coping with being exposed. "There were a lot of women who had difficulty taking off their clothes; there were those who felt their breasts are 'not worth the photo'; there were many who were ashamed of their bodies. For most it was a significant emotional experience. I do not think it changed their lives completely, but they certainly experienced empowerment, even if for a little while. Most of my participants had never posed nude before, and from the conversations I had with them, all, without exception, reported a liberating and pleasant experience.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book and prints will go to breast cancer research and support to local breast cancer patients.




Original Boobies Portrayed Info from Burning Man 2010:


First showing of one of the "Boobies Portrayed" prints was during a group show at LACDA in downtown Los Angeles.

First showing of a group of "Boobies Portrayed" was during Burning Man's decompression party. The response was very positive and engaging.


Future plans including several solo gallery exhibitions and a book.

The prints and framing will be different to fit the individual portraits. Some will be printed on high quality plexiglass while others will use canvas, metal and different types of archival paper. The frames will be made from metal or acrylic. Some will not be framed at all.

The book will be a 100 page hard cover book with photos of the different women and their breasts along with commentary from some of the participants about their concept of feminity, individuality, sexuality, etc. The book's publication date and gallery exhibitions are dependant on funding and to be determined.



Danna Kinsky is in West Hollywood, CA 90069 (276)546-7593 info@dannakinsky.com